In an endeavour to transform India’s power infrastructure and enhance energy efficiency, our national programme aims to replace the existing conventional electricity meters with prepaid smart meters.
By being connected through a web-based monitoring system, prepaid smart meters enable consumers to optimize their electricity consumption in near real time.

What is a Prepaid Smart Meter

Prepaid Smart Meters are the new generation of energy meters that are used to record electricity consumption in real time. As they are connected to the internet, users and utilities can easily track and monitor electricity usage and get accurate bills. Their remote meter reading capabilities completely eliminate the need for manual inspection, making them highly efficient and convenient. Consumers can also receive alerts of insufficient/ low balance or for abnormal usage to best optimize their consumption on a user-friendly web portal or mobile app.

Benefits of Prepaid Smart Meters

Installing a prepaid smart meter is not only beneficial for your household but also the world, at large. Here's why


By keeping regular tabs on how much energy you’re consuming; you will be encouraged to adjust your electricity usage and save money as well as resources.

Operational Efficiency

The existing manual system to collect revenue for power usage is not only inefficient, it also causes huge losses to power distribution companies. By being highly accurate, prepaid smart meters would significantly reduce these losses and help utilities in improving the power supply.


Prepaid smart meters send alerts of low balance in the account so that users can recharge well in advance and avoid any last-minute hassles.

Green Energy

By taking a step closer towards a smart energy system, prepaid smart meters reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, thereby reducing our country’s carbon footprint.

How do I get a Prepaid Smart Meter

Can’t wait to replace your conventional electricity meter with a prepaid smart meter and avail all the perks? Simply contact your local electricity supplier or visit their website to know more about the availability and the process of getting a prepaid smart meter in your respective state.

Prepaid Smart Meter Deployment Status

The ambitious national programme aims to effectively replace the existing 25 crore conventional meters to prepaid smart meters. While this is a huge undertaking with challenges at every turn, progress is underway.




Agency Wise Sanctioned Installed SM Installed SM Prepaid In Stock
EESL 78,13,246 25,55,011 7,84,490 2,88,114
PFCCL 1,51,740 1,21,942 0 12,504
RECPDCL 1,44,933 87,324 0 22,008
Utility 31,39,832 15,29,352 55,638 83,859
Grand Total 1,12,49,751 42,93,629 8,40,128 4,06,485
Scheme Wise Sanctioned Installed SM Installed SM Prepaid In Stock
DDUGJY 39,200 38,400 0 1,179
IPDS 12,60,818 8,56,487 0 24,992
NSGM 7,23,433 1,37,744 0 35,732
PMDP 1,15,500 63,175 0 21,425
SG Pilot 1,56,533 1,56,533 0 0
Utility Owned 89,54,267 30,41,290 8,40,128 3,23,157
Grand Total 1,12,49,751 42,93,629 8,40,128 4,06,485

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